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I had my weigh-in Wednesday at the gym. Over the month of October, I lost a total of 2 pounds. TWO. This disappointed me. I thought I was doing better.

Well, today, I got confirmation that I actually AM doing better. I am at Swedish, at that women’s health day thing that I mentioned a few weeks ago. As a part of this event, I got some free screenings.

The first one I got was the awesomest, so I am going to go backwards. Sorry!

I got my finger pricked, and they tested my glucose and cholesterol.

Glucose was 90. I had eaten a bagel a little over an hour beforehand, so that was awesome.

HDL (good cholesterol) was 56. Anything greater than 40 is good.

LDL (bad cholesterol) was 113. Anything lower than 130 is good. I’m a little close to the edge there, so I should be a LITTLE careful.

Blood pressure was 120/62.

I did the body-fat percentage thing where you hold the little doohicky that is kind of like a game controller, and got my first happy of the day: I’m at 44.7% body fat!!  When I started this, I was at 47%. That’s serious progress! This really made my day, because I haven’t been feeling like there have been actual results from the working out, but here, I actually HAVE lost a significant chunk of fat. Go, me! I’m still morbidly obese, too (BMI 40.3)! Woo!

And then, I did the bone density scan. It’s an ultrasound through your heel, which was kind of cool. The technician who did mine looked at the results and said, “wow, that’s good. (pause) that’s REALLY good.” My T score was 2.03. Apparently, a “normal” score is anything between -1 and +1. My bones are more dense than approximately 97% of healthy young women’s.

I’m DENSE. This actually explains why people look at me and don’t believe that I actually weigh what I do; I probably weigh a bunch more than other people of my dimensions, because of how dense my bones are. Yay, bones! This also means that I probably don’t have to worry about osteoporosis, which is again, a big YAY.

In other news, my triceps are still hurting… and my trainer worked with me on Wednesday. Ow.


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