I had my once-a-month 30-minute session with Justin the Personal Trainer today. It went quite well. We focused on upper-body work interspersed with intervals on the bike.

I kicked ASS. He was totally impressed with how much strength I’ve gained in the last 4 weeks. He’d set the machine to the weight he thought I was going to be able to handle, and almost universally, I’d have to bump it up 10-20 pounds. RAWR.

So now I have another workout cheat sheet to use on days when I am not doing Pilates or Yoga. And this one was pretty intense. Yay!

I’ve discovered (again) that I really like strength/resistance training. I like feeling strong, and noticing the differences in my body’s abilities.

I weighed myself today at the end of the workout. 280 (including shoes and sweat). I was 285 a month ago. Considering that I’ve cut my caloric intake massively ( says I had about 1900 calories yesterday, and on a typical binge day (of which I had probably 3 a week), I was eating something like 5600 calories a day), I’ve probably dumped a ton of fat, and I really feel like I’ve gained a ton of muscle, so that makes a lot of sense, numbers-wise.

Okay, holy shit. Give me a moment while I quietly freak out over here. I was eating over 5000 calories a day. Regularly. I’m surprised I only weighed 285 when I started this. Jeez.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to keep using fitday or not. Might be a good place to keep track of my weight goals (bonus! pretty charts!), but I have a feeling that if I start tracking all my foods, I’ll go crazy. Maybe I’ll do that once a month, too, just like the weigh-ins. Could be a nice way to keep track of trends, at least.


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  1. 1

    rubinajo said,

    i liked using fitday to track numbers (measurements, weight) but tracking food drove me nutso.

    i stopped using fitday when i realized i was fully capable of taking those numbers and making them into pretty charts on my own. 🙂

    go you!

  2. 2

    chanterella said,

    yes, but you know how to use excel and omni-whatever and all the programs that generate the pretty graphs. I don’t. Plus, I lose things. 🙂

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