Foods in “bar” form have always broken down into one of several categories for me:

  • Chocolate (NOM NOM NOM, but not what I’m eating these days)
  • Granola, chewy (also mostly NOM NOM NOM, especially the ones with chocolate in them)
  • Granola, non-chewy (GROSS)
  • Fruity, with strawberries (allergic to strawberries)
  • Fruity, without strawberries (always full of other things I don’t like, such as nuts)
  • Generic “healthy” (cardboard-textured, cardboard-flavored)

I spent a while in the “bar” section at the grocery store the other day, and came out with something to try: Kashi Baked Apple Spice TLC Cereal Bars. They seemed the most likely to not have an annoying texture, they weren’t loaded with sugars, they were strawberry-free, they had the proper ratio of bar-to-filling, and they were on sale.

Tried one today. I liked it. Yay! Another healthy snack alternative!


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  1. 1

    chumpman said,

    Non-chewy granola bar?? That’s weird…. I like one with Yogurt raspberry

  2. 2

    chanterella said,

    I just don’t like yogurt. Sucks to be a picky eater! Raspberries, though, I can get behind. 🙂

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