My friend Hollie, over at grass|dirt|corn has been writing a lot about the changes in her diet lately, and her struggles with those changes.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my parallels with her life (and there always do seem to be a lot of them), but not really writing about them. I mostly just talk with Sean.

Well. Maybe I’ll write some.

I have an eating disorder. Emotional eating, comfort eating, not-thinking-about-it eating, hiding-food-so-i-can-eat-it-without-anyone-finding-out eating, binge eating, you name it. Everything except NOT eating. (An aside: I tried that once, in high school. I lasted about 8 hours.)

Almost three weeks ago now, I joined a gym. I had been meaning to do this for months, but finally had enough money in the bank (thank you, Uncle Sam!) to be able to sign up without asking Sean for money. That way, it’s my responsibility, and I’m the one whose wallet is on the line here. I don’t need the added guilt of wasting Sean’s money if I fall over on this thing.

I’ve been doing really well with the gym. I have been 8 times so far, since the 25th of August. And on the weekends, Sean and I have done outdoorsy hike things, which have been hard but fun, and good for me. I am really motivated to succeed again, and Sean is being really supportive. I have set things up for myself so that I have very few excuses for not going — I wear my gym clothes when I drop Sean off at work, and go to the gym directly without stopping at home. They have child care available for Christopher, which he’s doing well with. I am taking classes as well as working out on my own, and the classes are also kicking my butt. I am pushing myself to do more reps and heavier weights, even without a personal trainer looking over my shoulder. So, hooray for me.

When I started, I thought to myself, what good is all this going to do me if I still eat like crap?

So I sat down with Sean, and told him that I was going to stop eating like crap. I came clean about how I would actually plan my days around going to the store and getting pints of ice cream and/or bags of cookies. About how I would hide food around the house so that I would still have junk available when I didn’t have the car available. About how I would run into the kitchen the instant my kid fell asleep for his nap and grab the junk food.  I’m still not quite sure that he gets just how bad it actually was. I avoided talking about the actual amounts of food I ate. One bag of cookies? Two pints of Ben & Jerry’s? A pound of M&M’s? Yeah. That’s me, the eating machine. Step right up, watch the show. Or, rather, don’t watch, because I never really ate this way when there was anyone else around.

Hollie’s dad told her that a lot of folks with a genetic predisposition for alcoholism instead become sugar addicts.  I can totally believe that. I used to be a binge drinker, but stopped drinking cold turkey something like six years ago.  That was easy compared to this. As Sean pointed out to me, I don’t need alcohol to live. Sugar, on the other hand? Yeah. Kind of necessary for survival. The trick is to not eat too much sugar, and to eat the right kinds of sugar. Easy. Right. Easy as chocolate fucking creme pie.

Since that day, I’ve come up with a couple of rules for myself.

  1. I will not buy sugary junk when I am shopping by myself.
  2. I will not eat sugary junk unless I am with another adult.
  3. I can eat sugary junk when I am out at a restaurant, but I have to split it with someone.
  4. I will always have some kind of snack food in the house (chips, crackers, pretzels, fruit) that I can eat if I need to partake in comfort eating.

So far, so good. Sean is being really amazingly supportive of me with this; he has stopped drinking sugared drinks (oh, yeah. Rule 5 is that I am allowed to slam a Mountain Dew if I have a migraine and don’t have any migraine meds with me) like pop and Sobe, instead only having water and 100% fruit juices. He’s totally noticed a change; he actually gets hungry mid-afternoon and has to have a snack (and now keeps snacks at his desk for this purpose). I have a feeling it’s keeping his blood sugar on a more even keel (which means that his emotions are tending to be on a more even keel, as well).

I’ve noticed a couple of changes on my end, as well. I get really hungry around 7PM. This is great, because it means that we eat dinner earlier and all three of us can have dinner at the same time, rather than putting Critter to bed and then having a just me-and-Sean meal. And, when I get really hungry, I don’t eat as much at a sitting as I used to. I guess my stomach is just that much smaller than it was.

When I make changes in my life, they easily become habit if I stick with them for a month or so. I’m over halfway there with this one. I’m even managing to avoid the sugary crap during PMS, which is amazing.  The emotional habits, on the other hand, are not quite so easy to break.

Food = Comfort

I learned this at an early age. Did you have a bad day? Have a cookie. Grab a couple of bowls of ice cream and we can sit and do the crossword puzzle together. That’s pretty deeply programmed in my brain. I’ve been pondering therapy to help with it, but I’m not sure if I’m really ready for that step.

There’s a lot of pretty fucked-up thinking going on in my head, though. The other day, I was at the store, looking at the donuts, and I found myself really wanting to buy them. Because if I bought them, and ate them, I would have to tell Sean that I’d messed up. And then he would offer me sympathy and tell me how strong I am and how good a job I’m doing, and that it’s okay to fall every once in a while, and give me lots of love and attention and comfort. Instead, I went home and told Sean what had happened, and he offered me sympathy and told me how strong I am and how good a job I’m doing, and gave me lots of love and attention and comfort.

So. This is not a diet blog. Or an exercise blog. This is just somewhere that I might write about things once in a while. And a lot of my life right now is about my food struggles, so that’s what I wrote about this time.  Maybe someday I’ll actually write something more cohesive.


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